ARYOM dating back to 36 years ago was engaged in production and marketing activities under the name of “Mopisan” being of good reputation in the international platform in automotive sectors for years. While making sales in 72 countries at 216 points in the world, it became a partner with German company Mahle GmbH Germany and withdrew from the partnership after a while and directed to the construction sector, being its main activity area.


ARYOM is a company established to transfer and develop experiences of industrial structures to residence construction in 2003, focusing on people and not being satisfied with the “good”, aiming at “perfect” all the time and designing specific and high-quality building projects to compete with world standards.


ARYOM continues to add elaboration to the life by means of planning every point from material to the design, from life quality to the environmental compliance perfectly, respecting and caring details to make the life livable, humanistic values, future of the country and the world by means of high value added residence and industrial building project works not making concession of the philosophy of firstly “people” and then “design”.


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28/30 Sokak No: 18 Kat: 3 Daire: 1

Gaziemir 35410 Izmir, Turkey

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